Affordable Housing (program cuts and how it affects our communities...)

August 01, 2017

This past Friday, July 28, 2017, the Connecticut Housing Coalition hosted a press conference with Governor Dannel P. Malloy to speak out against...

improving lives thru personal connection (from a teacher, mentor, leader and son)

June 28, 2017

While they always strive to do their best work, architects that have a personal connection to a particular project usually provides them with...

7 Great Things Going on in Hartford (that I'm sure you haven't heard)

June 23, 2017

On Tuesday evening (July 20, 2017) several of us from Crosskey Architects attended a great event.  Girona Ventures and Wonder Works Construction...

We're Honored -- And We're Inspired

May 26, 2017

We’re honored, humbled, grateful and most importantly – we’re inspired.

Crosskey Does Donation Creation

May 08, 2017

When you wake up in the morning, what drives you? What makes you sit up, stretch, and embrace the day? At Crosskey Architects, why we wake up...

Remember That Time at the Brickyard?

May 02, 2017

Speckles of dust and the smell of stale beer fill the air as our team walks through the now vacant ‘Club Pyur’ and former ‘Brickyard’ of Allyn...

The Environment and Economics

April 07, 2017

St. Francis of Assisi, a medieval Roman Catholic friar, preacher and ecologist, believed in a harmonious relationship between our planet and all...

The Preservation Story of an Icon: the Talcott Mill Belfry

March 24, 2017

The Talcott Brothers’ Mill is undergoing a “certified rehabilitation,” which means that the project is utilizing State and Federal Historic...

ACE: Connecting America's Future Architects with Mentors Nationwide

March 21, 2017

Rewind your clock to your teenage years...remember the days when you sat in biology, pre-calculus or history pondering what you would do for the...

Celebrating Women with PWC

March 17, 2017

Given industry demographics, being a woman in construction tends to draw a lot of attention. We are constantly asked, why construction? Why...

New Life for Talcott Mill

January 16, 2017

On a mild morning in mid-December, the belfry of the Old Talcott Mill in Vernon, CT was removed from the top of its tower. Its posts cut loose at...

The Role of Developers in Preserving Main Streets

December 29, 2016

The old adage “everything old is new again” holds true in most facets of everyday life. Styles of clothing change, reincarnated in different...

Insight into Evidence-Based Design: Healthcare

November 21, 2016

How can designers create an atmosphere for the healthcare experience that best accommodates the needs of patients? What tools can designers use...

Building Wellness in the Community

November 14, 2016

Wellness: the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort

Every Building Needs a Champion

October 05, 2016

Whether new construction or renovation, every structure needs a champion. Specifically....a sustainability champion.

A Tale of Two Conferences

September 26, 2016

An architect and a business development specialist walk into the 2016 Connecticut Housing Coalition Annual Conference. These are their responses...

6 Ways to Give Your Life 'Concept'

September 13, 2016

As illustrated by Bernard Tschumi, without concept, architecture is just a building. This, of course, is also true with life. Without identity,...

Success Through The Organizational Environment

September 02, 2016

What is an organizational environment and how does it impact business? How do culture and climate contribute to its development?

Crosskey Moves to the Hartford Trust Building

August 25, 2016

We’re here.

Living Buildings

June 27, 2016

An architect’s purpose is to shape the world in which they live; each structure designed is a monument to the time, place, and culture in which...

A Graduate’s Perspective - From Academia to Practice

June 02, 2016

My name is Filipe Pereira, and I have just joined the Crosskey team after graduating in April from the Masters of Architecture program at...

We're Moving!

May 20, 2016

This summer, we will be relocating our office to the mezzanine floor of the Hartford-Connecticut Trust Building located at 750 Main Street. In...

Why Healthcare Design?

April 26, 2016


Hotel America (5 Constitution Plaza) - Hartford, CT

April 25, 2016

Hartford embraced ideals of urban redevelopment and responded to the Connecticut Redevelopment Act of 1945 and the Federal Housing Act of 1949,...

Liberty Gardens - 272 Garden Street     Hartford, CT

April 25, 2016

Chrysalis Center, Inc. created the Chrysalis Center Real Estate Corporation to do more in the community by providing homeless individuals and...

36 Lewis Street - Hartford, CT

April 25, 2016

In 2013, Equity Trust Company was looking for a property in downtown Hartford when developer David K. Elwell, IRA came across a flyer for 36...

The Chimes Building - Syracuse, NY

April 25, 2016

Early this winter, the Crosskey team headed to Syracuse, New York to assess and document the Chimes Building. Built in 1929, the Art Deco style...

Welcome to TraceSpace

January 08, 2016

Years of dedication to the profession, hard work and commitment to client satisfaction has created inconceivable opportunity. This has lead our...

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