Welcome to TraceSpace

January 08, 2016

Years of dedication to the profession, hard work and commitment to client satisfaction has created inconceivable opportunity. This has lead our firm to turn the page of a new chapter. The collaborative process is at the core of our design philosophy and inspired this blog to become a blank canvas.  This has become a safe place for us to talk about ideas, opinions and thoughts. We are excited to share our passion for what we do with old friends, new friends and colleagues and look forward to discovering (or rediscovering) new ideas. We invite you to share in our journey to inspire and transcend the design process, and encourage you to work with us to harness the energy that flows from collaboration. Together, we will fill the pages with concepts worth exploring.  Welcome to TraceSpace.CT Architects, Preservation, Rehabilitation, Community Planning, Interiors, Design, Innovation

 Be Inspired